Water Mains

Pipeline Tapping

At Hydra Tech, Inc. we have the capability to perform a wide variety of pipeline taps on many different pipe materials, including saddle, direct, wet and hot taps. We have state-of-the-art equipment for all of your tapping needs. Call today for more information or to schedule your tapping services.

Direct Taps

Hydra Tech, Inc. can perform direct taps up to 2″.

Wet Taps

Hydra Tech, Inc. can perform taps on a wide range of pipe diameters and materials. We can perform wet taps on any size pipe up to 24″.

Water Main Installations/24-Hour Emergency Service

Hydra Tech Inc. is now fully-equipped for new main installs and emergency repair services for water mains, water services, and fire lines. We have a fleet of equipment that’s dressed to impress, backed by extensive knowledge to make repairs in a hurry. When you call, no matter if you need a new main installed or an existing one repaired, what you get is unmatched in this industry. We mobilize with everything needed to install or repair your mains. We also have a network of suppliers in case there’s something out of the ordinary that we may need for most pipe situations. We typically do not rely on subs to do our work with the exception of a vacuum excavation truck, or if something would be more cost-effective or timely for our client.

Our standard water main repair crew consists of:

  1. Tri-axle dump with tag trailer, excavator and skid steer
  2. Full-service truck with crane, loaded with tools, lights, etc.
  3. 6-wheeler with tag for trench box and attachments for excavator and skid steer
  4. Emergency trailer with pumps, cones, temporary fence, compactors and miscellaneous specialty water works tools. Repair coupling and wraparound to make repairs.

Pressure Testing and Chlorination

Once a water main has been installed, a pressure test may be required to ensure that the main can sustain the pressure of the water without losing any water pressure or leaking and therefore wasting water. After a passing test has been achieved, Hydra Tech, Inc. can chlorinate the main and, if necessary, obtain water samples to ensure the water running through the pipes is safe for its end users. Full reports are prepared and supplied to contractors. Reports can also be provided to city or town water officials as needed.

Small and Large Diameter Pipe Cutting

Hydra Tech, Inc. can perform pipe cutting for you in the field for small and large diameter pipe. We have many options available with equipment from Wachs, Reed, Stanley, and ICS. We can perform straight cuts as well as bevel cuts (for welding or just a spool transition) for your repair coupling. Emergency 24-hour service is available.